Surprise, You're Dead.

I need to issue a thank you letter to someone who will likely never answer me.

  • Thank you, for cutting three lives short, including your own.
  • Thank you, for taking what was once a great legacy, a career to be proud of, and pissing all over it.
  • Thank you, for taking the dreams of all those young kids who idolized you and wanted to follow in your footsteps, and crushing them under your heel.
  • Thank you, for tainting what was until recently a stellar career, and tainting the careers of anyone who has worked with you by association.
  • Thank you for dividing your fans into apologists and inquisitors.
  • Thank you for not having the decency to retire early, if your business life was too much of a strain, and instead choosing to take it out on two other people and yourself.
  • Thank you again for betraying your family, friends, the memory and legacy of your mentor, and your fans.
  • Thank you for proving that anyone who has enough spotlight is not suitable as a role model, no matter how things may appear on the surface.
  • And lastly, thank you for proving me and my cynical worldview right. Again. Here I was, thinking that in a business full of snakes and slimebags with massive egos, that you were a light in the darkness, someone that put aside office politics and masturbating one's ego to just go out there and do what he does best to the best of his ability. You were above all that crap, or so I thought. You were the one the fans could rely on to put in 110% every time, no matter what. Looks like you fooled us all.

For all these things, I say, with a tanker truck full of venom, bile, and sarcasm, thank you, Chris Benoit. Perhaps you can answer me when I see you in hell.


"I am sorry, but all questions must be submitted in writing."

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copygodd said...

no shit. rabid? psycho wolverine is more like it.